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Erik Ole Jørgensen

eoj-1962 GL 1134x756.jpg

EOJ-1962                                                                                        Fotograf: Gyrithe Lemche

As a special collaboration, Københavns Møbelsnedkeri presents the EOJ-1962 sofa designed by Erik Ole Jørgensen in 1962.
EOJ-1962 is produced in solid oak and comes with loose cushions in different colors and neck cushions with core leather straps. The sofa is fitted with brass screws. Measurements: L. 205 cm. H. 97 cm. D. 93 cm. 
In 1961, Jørgensen designed a forerunner of the EOJ-1962 sofa – the GJ5. The first sofa, however, which was produced in Jørgensen’s own company Georg Jørgensen & søn, had steel legs and steel straps on the back. Both models are distinguished by their high and curved back frames inspired by the nautical frame of a wooden ship, usually constructed with ribs that are transverse bolted or welded to the keel. With Jørgensen’s aesthetic translation of the nautical frame, the sofa is equally an homage to the original wooden boat craftmanship, as it is an exploration of form and natural elements. With the EOJ-1962 model, Jørgensen replaced the steel legs with oak, and the steel straps with core leather. The pre-industrial and authentic choice of materials not only underscore the design, but also align with the values of sustainability that we strive for today.
About Erik Ole Jørgensen
Erik Ole Jørgensen (1925–2002) was a Danish furniture architect. Erik Ole Jørgensen was originally trained as a furniture upholsterer and graduated in 1948 as a furniture architect at The School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. During his career, Jørgensen designed both furniture and textiles, including curtain fabrics for the global design textile company Kvadrat. For a number of years in the 1940s, Jørgensen studied at the acclaimed architect and furniture designer Kaare Klint. Erik Ole Jørgensen participated in many exhibitions around the world and won several design awards. Jørgensen’s simple and functional furniture has placed him among the most distinguished Danish furniture designers.


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